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Who we are?

Throughout the months, we have been helping Costa Rican companies to develop their business and to establish their identity on the internet. We have provided assistance in regards to website launching, promotional landing pages, graphic design, and much more.

EL Lab focuses on the experience of the end user, our customer. These experiences arise thanks to our internal capacity to work collaboratively and integrate creative strategies, visual and interactive design, development and quality control of the products offered.

Rita Robles Loaiza
CEO - Founder
Maria José
María José Méndez Mena
CTO - Project Manager
Josué Mata Cortés
Web Developer

José Alvarado Ajú
Web Developer
Briand Cerdas Salas
Software Developer
Anthony Rodriguez Cuesta
Software Developer

Karla Romero Bonilla
Chief Marketing Officer
Alejandra Robles Pérez
Asistente Administrativa

What clients say?

The Lab provides faster response times and creativity unmatched. They offer more than one option to the client, they have a perfect attitude

Pure Essence Productions.

What people say?

The Lab has been a group of highly qualified professionals, committed to its work and high standards of quality in all what made. Response in record time to our requests and excellence.

Máster Noemy Quiros Bustos | CEO - CEQIATEC.

Our Story

To help our clients achieve their organizational goals, by offering quality products and services, as well as creating technological and innovative solutions that generate a positive impact in our society.
To become the leading company at the national level for our quality products and services, our innovative solutions and our orientation in which the customer is the highest priority.
Collaboration: Enhance the collective talent.
Integrity: to be transparent.
Passion for what we do: Be committed to the heart and the mind.
Quality: Deliver to our customers the best version of the company embodied in the products offered.
Respect for diversity: EL Lab is characterized by being an inclusive company, where respect is promoted by all kinds of diversity.
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